Shropshire Property Search Ltd. provide quality search reports to clients based throughout England and Wales. Whilst we specialise in providing searches covering Shropshire, South Staffordshire, Wolverhampton and Wyre Forest, we are able to cover all Local Authorities throughout England and Wales using reputable search companies that are registered with the Property Codes Compliance Board and members of IPSA (The Association of Independent Personal Search Agents).

Reports are presented in a professional format providing Land Charges, Planning and Highways information presented in line with the current 2016 edition CON29 format.

Part II additional questions may also be requested. Search requests may be placed via email or online – whichever is most convenient for you. Similarly reports can be returned to your office in the format you find most suitable for yourselves.

If required by the mortgage lender, we can also provide Local Authority Searches direct from the Council. For this service we charge an administration fee of £12 (including VAT) on top of the Council Fee.


A rural barn with planning permission for conversion to a dwelling came on to the market locally. There was a lot of interest which resulted in a race for completion. The eventual purchaser, along with his solicitor, made the decision to take out indemnity insurance rather than waiting for searches to be completed (which would have taken approximately 2 weeks).

The new owner, although delighted with his purchase, wanted to make some amendments to the existing planning permission. He approached a Planning Consultant to discuss his vision and was horrified to learn during the conversation that the development of the barn was subject to a charge of £18,000 under the Community Infrastructure Levy – a fact which would definitely have been brought to the attention of his solicitor if a local search had been requested.

It seems that the vendor and Estate Agent didn’t disclose the information from the outset, and the solicitor and purchaser didn’t have sufficient local knowledge to ask the right questions. A lesson not only in why it is important to order the right searches, but also proving that a little local knowledge can go a long way!

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