Drainage and water searches will also be ordered by a Conveyancer and will uncover information on the area’s sewage system. It will also look at the property’s water supply from the local water company. It’s essential that a conveyancer carries out a drainage and water search to highlight any major issues before proceeding with the purchase. This search is a requirement of the mortgage lender as it provides reassurance that the property is not at risk of public waterways or drains causing flooding.

Drainage and water searches will gather vital information on:

  • Whether the property is linked to the public sewage system
  • Whether the property is linked to the public water supply
  • How the property will be charged for its water supply
  • Whether there is a risk of flooding due to the proximity of the property to public sewers

We are happy to provide both Official CON29DW reports and Regulated Drainage and Water Reports covering all water companies in England and Wales for both residential and commercial properties.


There are a wealth of drainage and water related issues which can cause problems for unsuspecting homeowners. Unconnected properties, private sewers, low water pressure, mains under a property and a variety of other issues can all seriously affect the enjoyment of a home or ruin any plans for building an extension or conservatory.

The CON29DW is the official drainage and water search, produced by the water companies of England and Wales and using official records for accurate drainage and water information.

The search divides information into four main categories:

  • Maps – Plans showing all sewer and water assets near a property
  • Drainage – Whether the property is connected to public foul and surface water sewers, where they are and who owns them
  • Water – Whether the property is connected, whether there are any problems with water pressure or hardness, and whether there is a water meter installed
  • Billing – This will advise which water companies bill the property for difference services and whether they bill the property on a metered basis

As an alternative to the CON29DW, we can also offer a Regulated Drainage and Water Search which provides less detailed information, but which will show the location of water mains and public sewers in the vicinity of the property.

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