Mining Reports are designed to meet Solicitors’ due diligence requirements by summarising any coal mining features affecting a property and providing professional recommendations and further data where risks are identified.

Mining reports can be requested and are ordered directly from either the Coal Authority or PinPoint Information. If the initial postcode search does not recommend a search, then we can provide a “No Search Certificate” if required by the mortgage lender.

We are also able to provide the Terrafirma Ground Report which interprets the risk from coal and all other mining, soil-related subsidence and all other natural ground hazards, coastal hazards and recorded ground movement.

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Historic mining activity continues to affect the modern property and land development market, having the potential to make or break a mortgage application or dream property purchase.

It’s not uncommon for some lenders to refuse mortgages applied for on properties that are near historic mining areas, and it’s essential that homebuyers, owners and property professionals understand the risks that these pose to a building. With over 130,000 properties in the UK located within just 20 metres of a mineshaft, it is vital that thorough risk assessments are conducted long before any formal exchange takes place.

In 2016 a number of properties on a Tyneside estate had to be demolished due to damage by subsidence. The subsidence was concluded to be the likely result of historical coal mining in the area.

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